Friday, December 28, 2012

Northern Expedition a highlight of Singapore's Wild Year

Thanks to Grace Chua of the Straits Times, in "The Year Gone Wild", the Northern Expedition is featured as one of the key wild happenings in Singapore for 2012!
She says: "From Chek Jawa to Changi, local and international researchers and an army of volunteers spent two and a half weeks digging up, preserving, photographing and cataloguing the specimens, which ranged from the tiniest, never-seen-before sea slugs to plate-size horseshoe crabs."

"Originally three years long, the study was this year extended to five years to fully document marine life here. It is funded by private donations from firms like Shell, as well as public funds, and will help government planners identify and prioritise biodiversity hot spots to conserve.

Next year, there will be another expedition - this time to the Southern Islands."

Full article on the Straits Times and wildsingapore news.

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