Thursday, January 3, 2013

Northern Expedition featured in The New Paper

The Northern Expedition is featured in The New Paper! Dr Tan Koh Siang of the Tropical Marine Science Institute and leader of the Expedition shared more about the finds made.
He said: "We are certainly excited about the specimens we have collected since quite a few are either new records for Singapore, or are 're-discovered' after many decades. "Some may eventually prove to be new science.

More than 10,000 specimens were discovered during the Singapore Marine Biodiversity Workshop at Pulau Ubin between Oct 15 and Nov 2 last year. The specimens were found in waters around Pulau Ubin, mostly from the East Johor Strait. Some were also found in waters in the West Johor Strait. The average depth of the Johor Straits ranges from 5m to 20m, and the creatures discovered, which live in a variety of habitats, were collected from the intertidal shore or dredged from the seabed.

In response to The New Paper's queries about the 12 new discoveries featured in the article, Dr Tan said: "They remain undetermined and have no assigned scientific names at the moment."

Read more in "Scientists find new uniquely Singaporean species in our waters" The New Paper AsiaOne 3 Jan 13 and on wildsingapore news.

The Raffles Museum News blog featured the beautiful full page colour spread.
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