Monday, January 30, 2012

Survey digs up 100 species!

Thanks to Grace Chua of the Straits Times, the Survey is in the news with a report of how we have uncovered 100 species, some are new to Singapore or to science, even though we are only one-third through the project!
Among the featured creatures is this anemone which we found deep into the mudflats of Lim Chu Kang. This bumpy, warty sea anemone so new to science, it does not even have a scientific name yet. We have fondly nicknamed it Bill and we've seen it at other locations in Singapore too.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sungei Cina (21 Jan 2012)

It's the Eve of the Eve of the Lunar New Year, but this didn't deter volunteers from making time for another mudflat survey!
We gather at the new Woodlands Waterfront Park. Fortunately surveying is not depicted as one of the suspicious activities that requires a call to the authorities! Haha.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New lab sessions for sign up: Jan-Jul 2012

Your help is needed in the laboratory to sort out what we have found on our surveys! You do not need to have any training to join us in these sessions, there will be staff to guide you in the labs.
As Dr Tan Koh Siang showed during a Dialogue Session, we often have to take a much closer look to identify what we have found. So far, only 10% of our finds have been sorted out! Volunteers are needed to sort out invertebrates, fishes and tiny creatures. Here's what happens at a lab session.

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