Thursday, December 20, 2012

Northern Expedition featured in NUS news

The Northern Expedition is featured on the NUS website! Thanks to Tan Kai-xin for the heads up.
The article highlights the five species, which were not originally thought to be found in Singapore waters, and two rediscoveries.

Among the creatures featured was this new record for Singapore - Berthelinia sp., a green sap-sucking marine slug with a unique, hinged shell like a clam. It was found amongst marine algae by Dr Kathe Jensen from the Zoologisk Museum in Denmark.
Photo credit: Dr Arthur Anker
The article also mentions the next expedition which will focus on the marine species on Singapore’s southern shores in May 2013 and will be based on St John’s Island. The Expedition will remain centred on less studied groups of animals, which will help determine how many species there are in Singapore as well as which areas are biologically rich. More importantly, it will also help identify which species and areas need special attention for conservation.

Here's the full article.

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