Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Rare Glimpse into a Scientific Expedition

In A Rare Glimpse into a Scientific Expedition on My Green Space, published by NParks, Jocelyne Sze shares what she saw and learnt from the Expedition.
Brings back memories of hard work but also lots of fun, finding out more about marine life in Singapore's waters!

Here's a snippet of what Jocelyne shared:

Back at the Base Camp, we observed how the scientists preserve, photograph and extract DNA samples from the specimens. Everything has to follow a workflow, and we must all be very careful, especially with labeling of specimens! These labels provide vital information for future research work.

Lab work also gave us a rare chance to talk to biologists and find out more about what they do (which is very different from the glamourous portrayal of biologists on TV!).

From my time as a volunteer with CMBS, I learnt that knowing what animals can be found where is useful when planning which key areas require protection and conservation.

I once thought that as an individual, there is little I can do to influence policies. But my experience with CMBS has made me believe that we can all contribute as citizen scientists and help care for our natural heritage.
Jocelyne's excitement during the expedition was infectious! Jocelyne also blogs at Nature Rambles and she has been doing amazing work on biodiversity in Singapore and beyond.

Here's our blog posts about the first expedition.

Our second expedition is coming up soon in October! Meanwhile, dredging and sorting and field trips go on all year round.

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