Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sungei Loyang (11 Jul 2012)

A small team surveyed the mudflats at Sungei Loyang and despite the sticky soft mud, found lots of interesting marine life!
All photos by Rene Ong.
Thanks to Rene Ong, we have a glimpse of what happened. Here's Yen-Ling kicking off the session with a safety briefing.

Kwan Siong lays out the line for the survey, together with Helen on the other end of the line.
Then the team got to work. Rene shares "Thankfully the weather was great, though we had to struggle with the super sticky mud. The mud was soft, and super sticky, so it was tiring to work in."
Sixian found a sea cucumber!
Meanwhile, Kwan Siong and Dr Ng Heok Hee went seining to survey the fishes found here.
There were lots of snails!
The team also found an eel-tail catfish and a pufferfish.
There was a bright pink ribbonworm covered in little blue springtails.
Afterwards, Yen-Ling shows how to wash up in the field.
Check out Rene Ong's photo album on facebook for all the happenings that day.

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