Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pulau Semakau (9 Oct 2011)

A new 'overseas' destination for the volunteers! This time it's the mudflats of Pulau Semakau! A large group of volunteers head out to find out what's there.
Rene Ong once again shares lots of photos of the muddy happenings there!

Jason Ooi also shared an album of photos of the trip!
Rene says "The mudflat here is rather unpredictable. One moment you were walking on solid sandy ground, the next you can be stepping into a mud hole. Despite this, the volunteers joyfully carried on with the survey with many interesting discoveries"

Rene shares that while there were
fewer worms and bivalves, this survey found more fishes, squids, shrimps and crabs.
A special find was this Crown sea star!
Another exciting find, a small Hollow-cheek stonefish! Rene says "NEVER USE YOUR HANDS to catch an unknown fish. The volunteer was just about to use his bare hand to pick the stonefish when I managed to stop him in time." This is very wise advice. The stonefish can give a very painful sting!
Fortunately, the trip went well and everyone came home safely. Here's a nice group photo of everyone when they got back to the mainland.
See more photos and read more about what went on during the session in the facebook albums by Rene and Jason. Thanks for sharing!

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