Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lab session (8 Oct 2011)

Volunteers are back in the lab, working on the marvellous marine life we discovered on our earlier mudflat surveys!
Thanks once again to Rene Ong, for sharing photos and a glimpse of what happened!

Oh my, a big jar of worms to sort out!

Rene shares how the volunteers learn that "if the throat (proboscis) and mouth parts are out, it will help ease the ID process". It is also important to have a complete worm. Broken worms with only the head or the tail will be difficult to identify.
Rene had the job of finding the worms living in tubes. This is not an easy task!
Meanwhile, other organisms are also being sorted out. This requires concentration!
Here's a tray of sorted clams. Wow, so many different kinds of clams!
See more photos and read more about what went on during the lab session in Rene's facebook page album. Thanks for sharing the photos Rene, and great to see the volunteers having fun while making a difference for our marine biodiversity!

There's lots more lab sessions ahead. And these are so popular with the volunteers that all slots are already filled! More about the lab sessions.

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