Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pandan mangroves (5 Jul 2011)

The team had a Super Muddy Survey at Sungei Pandan! Thanks to Rene Ong, we get a glimpse of what went on. She shared these photos and delightful captions on her Naturely Curious facebook page.
It was a "long muddy march out" through the mangroves Rene says, "many of us fell into traps of "mud holes", myself included".

Rene continues: "Once we were out of the mangrove, the mud is SOFT." It's not easy and Rene salutes the volunteers who came today. "It was tough, she says, "and the next few photos will show you why..."
"Initially everything seems fairly ok, then you start sinking deeper, and deeper, and soon, you end up crawling several metres to the survey site"
Rene is particularly impressed by this volunteer, whom she dubbed "the ultimate mud survivor of the day!" Rene explains: "One of the volunteers suddenly crashed flat down on the mud. Totally exhausted from the crawl and still sinking... guess what she did next?"
For the Survey, the phrase should be ROTML instead of ROTFL!

Despite these trials and tribulations, it seems the enthusiastic volunteers had a great time. There were plenty of  smiles at the end of the Survey.
For more of what happened during the Survey, see Rene's photos on her Naturely Curious facebook page. Thank you for sharing them, Rene!

Upcoming trips for the rest of the year have been announced on the mailing list for registered volunteers. To join us, register your interest in this form and you'll be invited to join the mailing list to receive updates on the Survey and sign up for Survey activities.

Also check out our FAQs for more about the Survey.

To find out more about our common mangrove wildlife, check out the online Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore and the wildsingapore wild fact sheets.

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