Sunday, July 17, 2011

17 Jul (Sun): Sharing about the Mega Marine Survey

Jonathan Ngiam today shared about the Mega Marine Survey in a talk which is part of NPark's “Forests, People, Environment” Exhibition which runs until 24 Jul at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
It was good to see a nice turnout for the talk!

Entitled "Taking Stock of Singapore's Marine Biodiversity", Jonathan shared lots of interesting facts and great photos about the amazing marine life that can still be seen on our shores today!
There are practical applications for greater knowledge about our marine life. Jonathan shared many intriguing examples ranging from medical to other applications.
He also highlighted how our shores are an important part of Singapore's heritage and soul!
Jonathan outlines some of the many threats to our shores. Despite these, our shores are still very much alive.
It is possible to find a balance between development and marine conservation! Jonathan shared some thoughts about how this is being achieved.
The Mega Marine Survey is an important part of this effort to learn more and do more to conserve our marine biodiversity. Jonathan explained why and how.
Jonathan shared some of the key aims and approaches of the Survey.
We now have over 300 volunteers at the Survey! There are lots of ways we can contribute as ordinary people to this effort!
Jonathan concluded with these encouraging points! Yes, indeed, we CAN be a part of this effort to learn more about our marine biodiversity.
Here's an online powerpoint with more details, shared at the start of the Survey in 2010.
To join the Survey, register your interest in this form and you'll be invited to join the mailing list to receive updates on the Survey and sign up for Survey activities.

Also check out our FAQs for more about the Survey.

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