Thursday, August 29, 2013

Diving for Treasure: Singapore Style - a video clip of the Southern Expedition

A video clip of the Southern Expedition is now online on the Shell YouTube channel.
It features some of the key activities at the Southern Expedition.

The dredge surveys of the bottom of the sea in Singapore were one of the highlights of the Expedition.
And scientists having a look at some of the finds during a dredge survey.
The dive surveys are also featured with glimpses of what we can find in our waters.
Dr Zeehan Jaafar speaks about how rare and important this Expedition is.
Tay Ywee Chieh also explains how and why tissue samples are taken of the animals found during the Expedition.
Dr JC Mendoza explains how he became a marine biologist and some of the challenges of the Expedition.
Using the "jabby pump" to find critters, Dr JC and Dr Arthur Anker.
Prof Charles Messing shares about the exciting diversity of feather stars that can be found in Singapore.
Lots of work goes on well after the field trips. Rene Ong at the station taking photos of tiny things.
Thanks to Chandi and her team for filming during the Expedition and to Shell for sponsoring this video clip. Here's Chandi and her crew looking with morbid fascination at a basket full of Diadema sea urchins.
Mega Marine Survey Southern Expedition
They took lots of footage, and of course not everything ended up in the clip. Dr Zeehan being filmed.
Mega Marine Survey Southern Expedition
Prof Daphne Fautin being filmed looking for tiny anemones on our our rocky shore.
Mega Marine Survey Southern Expedition
Here's the video clip on the Shell Youtube channel


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