Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Day of the Northern Expedition

Today is the final day of the Northern Expedition!
Lots of moving to get done!

When I arrived in the morning, only Prof Daphne was still at work! And the lab is mostly cleared already.
All of yesterday and throughout the night, the team have been packing up. There's a huge pile of stuff to move out to various different locations.
Koh Kwan Siong as usual, goes literally to all lengths and heights to make sure everything gets done as he has been doing throughout the Northern Expedition.
The NUS boat that has been doing the dredge surveys is being packed to the brim to bring back stuff to the Tropical Marine Science Institute on St John's Island.
Oh my, there sure is a lot of stuff being piled into the boat. From inflatable boat, collapsible boat, microscopes and more.
All kinds of trolleys are used to haul everything from freezers to buckets, boxes to shovels, nets and lots and lots of precious containers of specimens.
Lots of happy hands make lighter work.
In the lab after breakfast, all the scientists are back at work in reduced circumstances.
The tables are further moved aside so Rene and the rest can do a proper clean up.
As the Expedition winds down, Prof Daphne takes time to give Kwan Siong a personal lecture on sea anemones which he missed.
I also learnt today that Prof Daphne is a pilot! Here she is with her plane. Wow! We also looked at her photos of some truly scary plane runways.
Dr Tan Koh Siang has prepared a lovely final farewell gift, a group photo of scientists, staff and core participants at OBS.
Not forgetting the many volunteers who helped out, such as these exuberant River Valley High girls who came every weekday for the Expedition.
Photo by Thanh Son Nguyen on facebook.
After final farewells, I left OBS for the last time. The Northern Expedition has gone by in a flash. Before I know it, it's over.

Kwan Siong reports that 137 surveys have been conducted during the Expedition, from mudflat, dredging, seining, and many new records! Also possibly some new species yet to be sorted out.

In addition, the Mega Marine Survey has been in the mainstream media with many articles, video clips and interviews.

More surveys will be conducted between now and the Southern Expedition in May 2013. Do look out for information sent to registered volunteers through the Mega Marine Survey yahoo groups mailing list.

To join us, register your interest in this form and you'll be invited to join the mailing list to receive updates on the Survey and sign up for Survey activities.

More about the Survey and our FAQs.


  1. Thank you so much for the daily updates, Ria! Will keep myself busy catching up with all that I've missed.

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