Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Northern Expedition in the news!

The Northern Expedition in today's Straits Times by Grace Chua with photos by Ng Sor Luan.
Photo by Ng Sor Luan, Straits Times
Among the highlights of the article, it describes a typical day at the Northern Expedition and features some key happenings so far.

"A typical day for those taking part in the expedition goes as follows: A pair of young scientists from the United States might lug metres of net out to catch thumbnail-sized ponyfish that give off their own light.

A National University of Singapore shrimp researcher might sift through bits of shell and coral as though panning for gold. And an Australian fish expert might net gobies in tide pools.

The highlight of the expedition is a series of seabed trawls and dredges, for example, between Pulau Ubin and Punggol. Dredges are preferable to diving in Singapore's murky waters."

Prof Peter's adventures is also featured "Mishaps can happen. NUS biologist Peter Ng sprains his hand as he stumbles backwards while trying to shake a crab out of a tree. But he is richly rewarded: The crab lives only on nipah palms, and this is the first time it has been spotted in Singapore."

Full article: "Creatures of the sea, great and small" 200 scientists and volunteers taking part in biggest marine life audit, dredging the seas and examining waterways by Grace Chua Straits Times 24 Oct 12.

Here's Grace Chua on the Survey with us on Chek Jawa chatting with Dr Helen Larson.
And Ng Sor Luan in pink taking photos of us on the way there.
Thank you ladies for a great feature on the Northern Expedition.

The Northern Expedition is also featured in the Chinese media, as reported by the Raffles Museum News blog.
Click on image for larger view.
Click on image for larger view.
See also full pdf of the Chinese articles on the Raffles Museum News blog.

The Northern Expedition is also featured in "1,000 specimens collected in marine biodiversity expedition" Today Online 23 Oct 12 and also in the Malaysia media "Scientists take part in largest ‘sea-fari’" The Star 25 Oct 12.

All media articles are consolidated on wildsingapore news.

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