Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Changi Creek (12 Apr 2012)

Another team of dedicated volunteers turned up for an early morning survey of the mudflats at Changi Creek.
All photos by Rene Ong
Thanks to Rene Ong, we get a glimpse of what happened. It sure was a glorious blue-sky day!

Some of the interesting finds include a tiny horseshoe crab!
There were lots of little Onch slugs creeping about on the mudflat.
There were also worms! These need to be examined under a microscope to learn more about them.
There are also prawns in the Creek!
And this beautiful goby.
As well as Lantern shells!
And a strange little crab.
More photos on Rene's facebook page. Thanks Rene!

Jocelyne also shares more photos and stories of the Changi Creek survey on her blog. Thanks Jocelyne!

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