Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Marine Biodiversity Expedition: More glimpses

Jocelyne Sze shares more about the Expedition in her blog Nature Rambles.
Here's Prof Peter as the dredging is being set up
on the NUS research vessel Galaxea.
Thanks to Jocelyne, we have a glimpse of some of the very many exciting happenings at the Expedition! Here's some of the many events that I didn't blog about.

The foldable boat in action!
Doing a hand dredge is hard work!

The delicate work of taking tissue samples!
Joelle and Yu Jie doing DNA vouchering
Jocelyne shared lots more of what went on during her three full days and nights with the Expedition. From hauling tons of equipment, sorting through countless specimens, as well as some of the wildlife seen at the Resort in between all the hard work!

Read more on Jocelyne's blog Nature Rambles!

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