Friday, November 11, 2011

Pulau Ubin (11 Nov 2011)

It poured cats and dogs just as our trip was about to start!
But the rain eased as we headed out for yet another trip to Pulau Ubin. What will we find today?

When we arrived at Pulau Ubin, the rain had stopped and the weather was cool and fresh!
Yen-Ling gives the small team of volunteers gathered today a short briefing on what to do.
And then we were off!
Our first find, a big fat sea anemone! Rene later found another one. We saw many of these during our earlier survey at Lim Chu Kang. Its identity has yet to be figured out.
The site is covered in a lush green carpet of Sea lettuce seaweed! Beneath, the muddy sand is a little soft in some parts.
We all soon hunkered down to seriously sample, under a clear cool sky.
This stretch of shore lies just across from mainland Singapore!
Meanwhile, the streams nearby are also sampled. What can we find here?
Lots of transparent shrimps!
Dr Ng found a curious flatworm on a strip of sponge. I've only seen this flatworm once before, at Tanah Merah. How nice to finally get a closer look at it and hopefully figure out what it is.
As usual, Dr Ng shares more about what we found. Among our special finds, a seagrass pipefish. Also many snails, hermit crabs, some worms (but not a lot), big fat tube worms, shrimps, and a whole variety of fishes. My little underwater camera gave up the ghost at the end of the trip, so I didn't take many photos of our finds. But I'm sure Rene will soon share photos of what we found.
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Rene shares more about what happened during the field and gives a fascinating close up look at some of our finds on this trip!

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