Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Volunteers speak about the Mega Marine Survey

What do volunteers at the Mega Marine Survey have to say about their experience so far?
The Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey is featured in the latest My Green Space newsletter (Issue 9 Vol 2/2011) by NParks!

In Getting Up Close With Marine Biodiversity we hear from the volunteers for the mudflat surveys who have been literally knee-deep in mud, helping to uncover what organisms are living in the mudflats all over Singapore.

Volunteers Terry and Jane Heppell shared: “We enjoy volunteering our time and effort to a worthwhile cause. It’s also great to have the opportunity, first hand, to see and sometimes feel, the weird and wonderful creatures found on our shoreline, and as a bonus to get a little information from the experts. Of course, we also enjoy meeting like-minded individuals.”

Another volunteer, Cliff Ho, finds the CMBS “an exciting, growing and enjoyable experience”. “It is truly gratifying to serve a cause,” he said.

Find out more in the latest My Green Space newsletter (Issue 9 Vol 2/2011)!

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